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7-5-15 So everyone asks me “What is Arundo Donax?”  It is a bamboo like plant who’s scientific name is “Arundo Donax” and its Common Name is “Giant Reed”

    7-4-15 HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE!

Please be safe in celebrating our Nation’s Day of Independence!


7-5-15 I had a great time researching a few of the piercing details which are integral to the subplots. Without giving away any of the surprises, I learned some interesting do’s and don’ts in treating hypothermia victims!


Did you know  you should only message the torso and not the arms and legs of a victim? I surely didn’t know.

11-21-15 HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of my fans & followers!


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10-20-15 Check out the brand new cover of SECRETS of the RIVER CANE!


8-30-15  My new novel “Secrets of the River Cane” will be released on September 1st !


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