T.L. Seacliff is an award-winning land development executive with a career spanning three decades in negotiating, managing, and procuring land use entitlements from and ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies.  


T.L.’s creative expression began as a child with her love of music and drawing, the first of which was a little colored pencil drawing of a Jaguar XKE sports car of all things. Eventually the drawings evolved to an early career in graphic arts then architecture. T.L.’s creativity transitioned from architecture into out-of-the-box solutions to complex land development problems, leading to Local and National Industry Awards, rising to the top of the corporate ladder, and recognition as an expert in her field. An accomplished writer T.L. has authored many featured articles published in building industry periodicals and national magazines.

Then along came the worst recession in U.S. history and land development came to a screeching halt. Turning to her inner creativity, inspired by a lifetime of working through the complexities of land use approvals, T.L. started to write her first novel,                                                             .

T.L. hopes you enjoy the exciting, sometimes terrifying, and just like real life, sometimes an even funny and heart wrenching journey through the deadly labyrinth of intrigue uncovering the secrets of the river cane.

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